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About Slater Farms

Slater Farms (Brett & Karen Slater) is the home of “Rainfed Rice” and is grown and milled on our farm in Northern Rivers, NSW.

Brett Slater, a local Bio-dynamic certified farmer with a passion for innovative sustainable farming moved to organic farming practices in 1998 and converted to Bio-dynamic growing in 2004.

Brett grew his first crop of dryland rice in 2009. 

He then purchased and set up his own mill on the farm in 2010 to produce an all-down-the-line bio-dynamic grain.

Bio-dynamic farming is a deeper form of organic farming that works on the fundamental principle that the farm is a living organism. It’s all about balancing the ecological inter-relationship of soil, plants and animals as a self-nourishing system without external inputs.

Bio-dynamic farming adheres to guidelines that are even more stringent than those required for organic certification. All artificial chemicals are excluded.


Where to buy

Slater Farms Rain-fed Rice can be purchased:
1. Directly with us for large quantities or
2. At the following selected specialty stores for smaller quantities packaging

What we grow

At Slater Farms, we grow seasonal crops consisting of Brown Rice and Soybean in Summer and Wheat and Barley ( cattle feed ) in Winter.